Conveyancing (buying and selling property)

The most common type of property transaction most of us will do at some stage in our lives is a conveyance for either buying or selling a home or a business.

Nearly all titles to land in Australia are now electronic and transfers and other registrations are now conducted on an electronic platform known as PEXA (Property Exchange Australia). PEXA is owned by the four main banks and three State Governments and is a highly secure blockchain platform that requires all parties to sign off using a special key before any transaction can proceed.

At Ellison-Whyte Law we can assist you with all your conveyance needs including:

  • Contract review and pre-purchase advice
  • drafting Contract of Sale
  • drafting Section 32 Statement or Vendor’s Statement which is the required disclosure statement from the seller to the buyer under the Sale of Land Act
  • managing your contract from review to transfer, including any conditional terms of sale
  • assisting with arranging early possession or remaining at the property after settlement
  • arranging the release of deposit
  • managing the adjustment and payment of outstanding rates and taxes at settlement as well as notifying all rating authorities of the change of ownership
  • adjusting rental payments for an investment purchase or sale
  • liaising with your lender either to obtain finance and register a new mortgage or release your mortgage at settlement
  • preparing State Revenue Office declarations and attending to any stamp duty
  • obtaining your tax clearance certificate and notifying purchaser regarding GST that may be payable on the transaction
  • liaising with your real estate agent or the other party regarding any arrangements that might be included in the sale or purchase.

We will manage the settlement for your, arrange your Verification of Identity requirements and Client Authority through a smooth efficient process you can complete on your phone at home for a low cost of $12.

We also use PEXA Key which is an app you can download on your phone so you stay up to date with all the latest developments in your settlement workspace.

We will make sure your property purchase or sale goes as smoothly as possible so you can sit back and relax knowing you are in safe hands.

Other property transactions

Ellison-Whyte Law can assist with a range of property services including:

  • assisting with lodgement and registration of subdivision or plan of consolidation
  • off-the-plan sale and purchase
  • registration or removal of covenants
  • registration or removal of caveats
  • registration or removal of mortgage
  • spousal transfers and advice
  • adverse possession advice or claim
  • preparation of lease agreement or review of lease agreement
  • boundary re-alignment.

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